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Marco Plouffe

Co-Founder of Keos Masons, Art Director & Business Manager

Marco Plouffe has been a 3D Artist and digital sculptor for about 12 years and a Business Manager, an Art Director and the Co-Founder of Keos Masons for the last 8 years. His childhood dream has always been to artistically express himself through character design and world building for the video-game industry and, for the past years, he proudly worked for some of the biggest companies and brands of the video game and collectible figure industry such as The Witcher, Baldur’s Gate, Horizon Forbidden West, PUBG, Deus Ex, Mass Effect, Borderlands, Sideshow Collectibles, Prime 1 Studio and, of course, XM Studios!

When he is not working on elevating Keos Masons to the next level and providing the AAA quality content his clients deserve, Marco dedicates most of his time creating and sharing new designs and ideas and also helping the artistic community to learn his methods and techniques through conferences or online platforms.

His newfound passion for the collectible figure industry has fueled many of his recent projects, and from this blood and sweat arises his most important project so far: Neo-Apocalypse.

Role on this project

Creator, art director, writer, designer and digital sculptor. He is the head, heart and soul of this project.

Stéphane Faure (beesub)

Art Director & Digital Sculptor

Stéphane Faure is a french Art Director and Digital Sculptor. Since his early childhood, Stéphane has always been sketching and drawing, surrounding himself with creative influences in several areas. This passion for art and creation led him to a first career path in graphic design for more than 20 years.

As a graphic designer, he has explored different aspects of the creative industry and was able to express himself on different mediums from print to web design, apparel, sport or fashion events. He collaborated on international projects with Le Coq Sportif, Decathlon or Loewe, made artworks for the music and entertainment industries (NRJ Music Awards), and also co-headed a creative collective which explored graphic design and visual arts inside self-published magazines and exhibitions in Europe.

Always curious and looking to push his passion further, for the last 7 years, Stéphane has been developing new projects in 3D. He first started to work for different visual artists and galleries to help them produce limited edition pop art pieces and he is now focusing on the collectibles industry as a digital sculptor. As a huge Alien fan, he pursued his dream of creating collectibles for this franchise, which led him to design and sculpt several Alien pieces for collectibles companies. He has collaborated with CoolProps (AVP Alien Queen, AVP Scar Predator, Alien Warrior, Ultraman Zero and Belial), and is now developing new Alien projects with Queen Studios for whom he did his first piece: the Alien Big Chap Bust.

His new 3D interest also led him to be part of the creative team for the feature film “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” by Luc Besson. He was in charge of 3D and 3D printing within the Art Department team, to build life-size props and sets for the movie.

Role on this project

Branding Consultant and Creative Direction for graphics.
He was in charge of the global branding, including the logotypes, posters, artworks and everything graphic related.

Matthew Wellman

Founder and Animator at Ixion Studios

Matthew Wellman primarily focuses on helping others demystify and navigate complex technical challenges and achieve their animation goals.

Throughout his career, he has delivered on numerous Award-Winning projects with some of the world’s most disciplined creative teams. Films, Documentaries, Advertisement, Architectural visualizations, 3D animations for mobile Applications, XR (Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality) Experiences and R&D as well as Gameplay & Cinematic animations for some of the world’s largest publishers in the gaming industry.

Matthew has held positions for a variety of studios in the Montreal area before landing an opportunity at Ubisoft Montreal. During his time there, Matthew managed to synthesize his passion for knowledge in the technical arts and capitalized on the opportunity by understanding the exact methods used by cutting edge studios and continues to apply those tools and techniques today to achieve incredible results for a variety of clients worldwide.

Role on this project

Video production and direction. He was responsible for lighting and recording the introductory interview of Neo-Apocalypse as well as managing the setup.

Jérôme Tremblay

Communication Analyst

After working for 15 years in show business, Jerome is now a communications analyst for the Privy Council Office of Canada. Fascinated by art and cultural history, he is able to fuse knowledge with creativity. His passion for science-fiction, technology, and storytelling made him a perfect addition to the Keos Masons team by imagining and creating the world of Neo-Apocalypse.

Role on this project

Creative advisor, writer, content creator and researcher for the world building and storytelling of Neo-Apocalypse.

Victor Bassieux

Lead Character Artist at Keos Masons

Being an artist from a young age, and discovering video games a few years later, Victor sought to find a way to work in this industry. He found a school for arts in Paris called New3dge where, after 2 years only, would be recruited by Marco Plouffe and Cedric Seaut to come work at Keos Masons. This will be the beginning of his career as a character artist as it was also the beginnings of the company. His need to find a challenge will push him to climb the rank and eventually become team lead and, after 7 years, has shaped him into a talented and versatile artist.

Role on this project

Assistant designer and digital sculptor on the models of Neo-Apocalypse as well as helping to brainstorm ideas relating to the designs.

Dimitri d’Urbano

Business Analyst

Dimitri’s path in life led him to multiple roles such as Level Designer at WB Games, QA Team Lead at GlobalStep, Director at Keos Masons and Business Analyst for Public Services and Procurement Canada. On top of being an artist at heart, he has a recognizable talent when it comes to words and lyricism.

Role on this project

Creative writer for various content on the characters of Neo-Apocalypse.

David Igo

Creative Director

David Igo has been working in the Collectibles Industry for over 16 years. First as a designer for Gentle Giant Studios, then as a Designer turned Art Director at Sideshow, where he worked for 10 years… Now David is the Creative Director at Tweeterhead, a smaller statue company where he’s spearheading their Masters of the Universe statue lines, fulfilling his childhood prophecy. Originally starting out as a 2D designer / illustrator who studied 2D Animation, David learned 3D early on to apply it to his workflow to help realize concepts in 3D more accurately and more efficiently. He also teaches ZBrush to working professionals. In his personal life, David eats pizza and spends too much money on toys from his childhood like MOTU, TMNT, and Dino-Riders. Currently he’s developing his own toy line with some friends – “MONSTORS” which is a love-letter to all things from his childhood.

Role on this project

Creative consultant on the high-level concept and marketability of the product as well as providing some more in depth feedback on the designs.

Kevin Ochoa

Lead Character Artist at Keos Masons

Inspired and shaped since childhood by heroic fantasy novels and character art, he decided to embark on an artistic journey and pursue a career in the video game industry. Having attended New3dge, a school for 3D arts in Paris, he met and was taught by Marco Plouffe and Cedric Seaut, and swiftly got hired at Keos Masons as a character artist in the early days of the studios’ establishment. Six years later, he’s been able to work on many projects, each more different and challenging than the other, and seeks again and again to discover new things in order to learn and push his limits. Kevin is now not only an artist but also a team lead on multiple projects at Keos Masons.

Role on this project

Consultant on the structure of the world of Neo-Apocalypse and brainstorm ideas relating to the designs of the groups of characters.

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