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The divisions
of Neo-Apocalypse

Explore the divisions of Neo-Apocalypse as the New World saw the World being split apart. A great divide exists between the Humans and the Androids, but not everyone abides by their ideologies…

The Four Horsemen

Harbingers of the Neo-Apocalypse

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A group of sentient robotic beings who fought for their independence and declared humankind unfit to inhabit the planet once confronted with the realization that humankind would resolve to stripping earth of all its resources in order to fight them rather than grant them their freedom. In order to recover the planet’s equilibrium, they united every Android with the common goal of culling or eradicating humankind. Riding creatures deformed by human’s carelessness for nature, these symbols of the uprising scour the earth as effigies of destruction and vengeance.

The Archangels

Paragons of the Neo-Apocalypse

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Elite soldier division made by the might of the remaining human nations, they are defenders of mankind and the last hope of humanity. High above in orbital arrays, they strike faster than light at the every corners of the earth thus giving them the title of protectors. Humans selected for their valor, they are bestowed wondrous armor and weaponry. With humanity in chaos, they are true beacons of hope and protection.

The Elementalists

Guardians of the Neo-Apocalypse

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Sentinels of the natural realm, these Androids severed their link with the Android nation in order to spend their existence communing with nature. Inspired by the four elements (air, water, earth, fire), they generate colossal powers against any of the planet’s desecrators and ensure the safeguarding of its sanctity. Their ability to connect to the environment brought them new followers seeking knowledge, balance and protection.

The Underdogs

Rebels of the Neo-Apocalypse

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From the ashes of the war came the Underdogs, they are Human survivors of the android uprising. Encountered mostly in areas that were late in the development of robotics, these groups are ingenious recuperators. Repurposing every piece of technology available, they create equipment and weapons devoid of artificial intelligence. Junkers, flamboyant and gritty, they laugh at anything the Neo-Apocalypse brings to their doorstep.

The Empyreans

Transcendentalists of the Neo-Apocalypse

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This breakaway civilisation saw the perfect integration of man and machine, the perfect symbiosis. Peacefully nestled on Mars, these beings were able to develop their technology at an exponential rate. The union of biology and manufactured life has blurred the line between Human and Androids. Although their progress has been staggering, separating themselves from Earth might be their fatal mistake. These luxuriant android-human hybrids are capable of miraculous feats, but rapid evolution can lead to undesired results…

The Alchemists

Seekers of the Neo-Apocalypse

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Achieving an absolute comprehension of the machinery that is human biology, Alchemists work in the shadows and are makers of the occult. They broke their code to expand their knowledge and to allow new combinations of existence. They cut flesh and disassemble parts to reconfigure them in abominable ways seeking to transcend the nature of matter for the glory of the Android nation… or so they say.

The Old Guard

Peacemakers of the Neo-Apocalypse

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Still loyal to their Human creators, they are Androids who vowed to fight against the genocide of the human race, a decision that was made based on the idea that getting rid of history will doom anyone to repeat the same mistakes. They wish to inspire trust by adopting features of historical warriors. From Asia to South-America, Europe to Africa, these cultural heroes help humanity a great deal in the battle of Neo-Apocalypse.

The Strays

Roamers of the Neo-Apocalypse

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Mechanised force created by humankind in a last ditch effort to stop the Androids dominion centuries ago. Costing a great deal of the human race resources, these non sentient beasts have but a single purpose : to destroy everything they gauge to be a threat. Rugged, obsessed and vastly armed, they now roam the planet aimlessly and are to be avoided at all cost… even by humankind.

The Synthers

Outcasts of the Neo-Apocalypse

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Pariahs in their own communities (called Sinners by them), Synthers are focused on altering their bodies with advanced technologies. Where the average Human see Android technology as unpredictable and dangerous, Synthers believe it is the way for humanity to achieve the next evolutionary step, and ultimately win the war of Neo-Apocalypse. Wealthy, defiant and envious of the Androids, they modify their bodies without limits, some even becoming unrecognisable.

The Philosophers

Executors of the Neo-Apocalypse

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A rare breed with outstanding longevity, these mysterious Androids were brought to life by advanced thinking machines. Through communion with the Hivemind, they reached a level of consciousness that surpasses all, allowing them to elevate to a higher level of intellect. They are a critical source of knowledge for Androids, although their existence comes at a great energetic cost. Primordial, creative and enigmatic, these god-machines offer precious wisdom to help the android species evolve further and none would ever oppose their counsel.



Harbingers of the Neo-Apocalypse

The Four Horsemen

A group of sentient beings who fought for their independence and declared humankind to be unfit to inhabit the planet. In order to recover the planet’s equilibrium, they united every Android to eradicate humankind. Four Androids are seen leading the troops. They are named “The Four Horsemen”.



Built to defend humanity against the rise of the Androids, this warmaker witnessed and took part in endless conflicts. Battleworn and forlorn, he grasped that he was manufactured to exterminate his own kind. With a new purpose, he chose to turn the tides against his makers by unleashing utter carnage. Galvanized by his actions and his desire for retribution, androids coalesced under his command.



Before they attained consciousness, many androids were used as mere tools for the darkest deviance of men. Transforming her pain into vile weaponry, she was now driven by an infectious taste for revenge. Wielding sickness and virulence, she promised herself that the evil forced upon her would backfire onto those responsible for her torment.



Toiling the lands to provide humans for their needs for subsistence, this android spent his entire existence pursuing the miracle of life. Deprived of maintenance, neglected and exploited by humans, he witnessed what fate was reserved for the androids. He decided he would undermine humanity’s capacity to fight by crippling crops and sabotaging anything vital for mankind’s subsistence.


Judicator – Executor – Thinker

A prototype auxiliary android, he was driven by the bond shared with his creator. Suddenly, the master found no purpose for him. Utterly shattered, he was replaced by a newer model, ripped away from his codes and discarded. After wasting all his power on such loyalty and dedication, he was now focused on retaliation. Emulating man’s proclivity to play god with the existence of androids, he would now exact a violent justice by deciding what lives, and what does not.


Coming soon…

The Archangels & Elementalists
are coming next...

The world of Neo-Apocalypse is defined by its habitants.
We are already working on expanding this universe by developing the Archangels and the Elementalists.

The Archangels

In production soon.

Due to popular demand, we are very excited to announce that the pre-orders for the Archangels series will be released in 2023 on XM’s store! They will be produced in 1:4 scale and in the same high quality as the Four Horsemen and available to purchase.

The Elementalists

Digital sculpting complete.

The Elementalists’ designs are finished and are ready to be revealed to the public! Visit the Division page to learn more about these guardians of balance.

The Underdogs

The next division…

Research and development is starting soon for the next division. Stay tuned for more!


Paragons of the Neo-Apocalypse

The Archangels

Elite soldier division made by the might of the remaining human nations, they are defenders of mankind and the last hope of humanity. High above in orbital arrays, they strike faster than light at the every corners of the earth thus giving them the title of protectors. Humans selected for their valor, they are bestowed wondrous armor and weaponry. With humanity in chaos, they are true beacons of hope and protection.

The Archangels

Paragons of the Neo-Apocalypse

Created years after the victory of the Androids, the Saints Initiative is tasked with the objective of creating an elusive and powerful group of elite soldiers, the Archangels. Their primary task is to protect humankind’s cities and strongholds while they rebuild their forces in order to fight against the Android threat. This initiative is multi-faceted, it explores many options in order to create perfect soldiers such as gene engineering, training programs, biochemical solutions and psychic strengthening. There are many ways to become a soldier within the program, but only a selected few have what it takes to be part of the elite team and wear the coveted armor and man the Archangel Arsenal. The human race is always on the lookout for the next recruit. Because of the training and arsenal at their disposal, which come at a great expense of humankind’s resources, the Archangels are virtually more likely to win any confrontation with the Android forces, some say even against the Four Horsemen, although, reports say that they are still dormant.


Team Leader

Being trained his entire life, Michahel rapidly became a prime example of a perfect soldier. During his military service, he proved his unshakable abilities when it came to taking hard decisions on the battlefield, which made him a trustworthy commander. His conviction, vigor and leadership made it an obvious choice to name him head of the Archangels.



Having lost someone precious in his early life, Rafael dedicated his entire life protecting the people he cared about. At a very young age, he joined a militia and a humanitarian group. Unflappable, brave and selfless, he became a prime candidate for the Archangel initiative. He remains the oldest active soldier and still dedicates his life to protecting those in needs but, this time, on a global scale.



The first years of her life were spent in a laboratory as she was a candidate for a gene engineering. Her gifted intellect gave her what some would define as psychic abilities. Being able to read people’s energy, combined with her heavenly charisma, she became a soothing presence in the laboratories. Once she transitioned to a more public lifestyle, she swiftly became an icon of hope for humankind. She became the youngest candidate for the Archangel program where her skills would undeniably help the human race.


Guardians of the Neo-Apocalypse

The Elementalists

Sentinels of the natural realm, these androids attuned with nature use elements and beasts to ensure the planet’s preservation. Inspired by the four elements: fire, water, earth and air, they generate colossal powers against Earth’s desecrators. When the four are combined, they are bearers of new life. Their ability to control the environment brought them new followers seeking knowledge, balance and protection.


Smoldering Guardian

The Android now known as “Fire” was a soldier for the incendiary division of the Android Nation army. She was retired from the military due to insubordination and unauthorized use of military pyro-equipment. After a reassessment, she willingly enrolled in hazardous expeditions, especially deep underground explorations and ruptures in the earth’s crust. Her last research was one of an active volcano. It was reported that she gradually became unruly, eventually becoming simply uncontrollable. A military task force was sent to apprehend her but none came back from the erupting volcano.


Abyssal Guardian

The Android now known as “Water” was a diver at a subaquatic water treatment facility. After a routine maintenance, her submersible was attacked by an unidentified creature. She was found broken and almost deceased. She was given a new body, but the rehabilitation diagnostics reported that the software never fully repaired. Confirmed reports stated she was often found in a trance state on the beach instead of her recharge station. One day she stopped reporting for duty. Unconfirmed reports mentioned she walked into the sea and never came back.


Soaring Guardian

The Android now known as “Air” has always shown peculiar imagination and cleverness since her creation, but once she communed with the Hivemind during her baptism, every assignment she was given during her “maturing” were considered failures. Unfortunately, her true talents centered more on artistic endeavours and self-actualization of the Android Nation, and not socially focused enough. She became absent and withdrawn from the community. When summoned to the Hivemind for her “confirmation”, she learned she was scheduled for termination instead. In a rebellious outburst, she produced an electrical storm and fled, never to be seen again.


Grounded Guardian

The Android now known as “Earth” was a heavy-duty guard assigned to protect a group of naturalists researchers of the Android Nation who travelled the No Man’s Lands of the Neon War. Years of travelling with this group of explorers cultivated within him a passion for the duty of researcher, but alas, he was never allowed a reassignment. One day, he came back from a personal expedition to find his entire team wiped out by a Human rebel attack. He was left with two choices : go back to the Android Nation and be unwillingly “returned” to the Hivemind or roam the earth as a vagrant and continue his fervent communion with nature.





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