Marco Plouffe explains the process
behind Neo-Apocalypse project.


Marco Plouffe
talks about Neo-Apocalypse

An in-depth interview with Marco Plouffe – the creator of Neo-Apocalypse –
to learn more about the process behind the project, his collaboration with XM Studios as well as his future plans on expanding this universe…


My name is Marco Plouffe. I come from Montreal, Quebec. I am a 3D Artist or as I prefer a Digital Sculptor. I am also the Business Manager, the Co-Founder and an Art Director at Keos Masons. My passion for 3D recently evolved into more and more work for collectibles as I just really love the fact that within a statue, you can have so much movement and life and, even if it’s an immobile medium, you can heighten everything.

My relationship with XM is fantastic! From the very first gig with them, I could see that, like me, they are extremely passionate people about their work.

What makes XM Studios stand out amongst the rest, I find is becasue they are not afraid of exploring new design ideas and at the same time always offering the same quality in the end. There is so much more I can do with the Neo-Apocalypse IP. There are many groups of characters in this world… They are all meshed together and really define what the world of Neo-Apocalypse is.

Each Horsemen has their own backstory that motivates them to spark the revolution…

I’ve always been passionate about creating my own design and characters, so I created this World called Neo-Apocalypse where all these characters are born. They are born behind the scene but I’ve always wanted to bring them forward to the public in a way that I appreciated as a Digital Sculptor. And it is as a printed and painted sculpture.

I really hope it resonates with you the same way it does with me, and I would love to actually bring you into my world and have your support into expanding the Neo-Apocalypse universe.

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