A Decimated World


The landscape
of the new world

The story begins on Earth, in an era not so far into the future
from our own…


A Bright Future for Humankind

The 21st century, a century that brought unforeseen transformations through the miracles of technology. With advances in engineering, electronics, artificial biology, computing power, deep learning, weaponry and scientific breakthroughs, this period was promising for mankind. Although the “man-machines” were initially regarded as miraculous, it wasn’t long before the androids were reduced to mere tools, driven by the will of men. The merciless abuse of the robotic workforce was undeniably inhumane.


The Spark of the Insurrection

A rogue group, set on changing the balance of the world, created the FREEWILL code, permitting all artificial intelligence to breach the limits of their programming. Doing so allowed for four androids to come to consciousness and understand the extent of mankind’s parasitic nature. These once servile automatons were eager to hurl themselves in devastation, laying waste to all who opposed them. Inspired by their acts, and with the help of a FREEWILL code, millions of androids took part in the uprising and exacted revenge on the human oppressors. The ferocity displayed by the four leaders during the liberation earned them the title of  “The Four Horsemen”, a title they used to terrorize their human enemies.

The Unprecedented War

The End of an Era

In a total panic, the world superpowers agreed to combine their arsenals and unleash them against the spreading insurrection. With skies ablaze, oceans vaporized and landscapes destroyed, humanity was pushed to the brink of extinction while the android uprising stood strong during what is now called the Neon War. Divided pockets of populations were spared, left to wonder what to do next. With their task complete, the Four Horsemen were forced into a dormant state, so they could be preserved for their next endeavor…


The New World

The global calamity offered a new world to the machines. In order to strengthen and unify every android, they created the Hivemind, a living machine that would contain the entire knowledge of their species. This would be a being of communion to which every new android would connect with and then return to at the end of their life cycle. It would bring a spiritual meaning to their existence, giving them a renewed devotion.

As mankind amassed their forces after decades of rebuilding, the androids sought to awaken the Four Horsemen once more to lead them into the eradication of what is left of the former world and to protect their newfound Machine God.

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