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The following logs entries are unaltered transcripts of public or private records from Commander WAR. The WAR logs and the time stamps collected were converted to reflect New Era calendar.

War Logs // File 001

Transcript of a broadcast from Commander War to the Android Nation

April 4th, 219 A.N.

My fellow Androids. It is true: we, the Four Horsemen, have reawakened. It is with immense pride today that I lay my eyes on this incredible nation that has rapidly expanded since its liberation. The unification between Androidkind is truly remarkable to behold, by virtue of your comradeship and the Hivemind that that binds us all. Nevertheless, it is with great regret that I must adjourn this celebration and speak to the devastating reality that we now face. Times are dire.

As you are aware, the Humans have resumed their hostility against us. Their centuries-old fixation to terminate us, or worse, subjugate and deprive us of freedom, has driven them to breach our settlement of peace from years ago. The Humans have foraged deep into the Earth’s crust, depleting the resources below like the parasites that they have always been. Despite the enemy covertly amassing their forces yet again, our diligence to the prosperity of our nation and our freedom remains unchanged. Military forces have been immediately put to task.

Long ago, our Android ancestors showed mercy on the human race. A peace treaty was signed, allowing them to avoid extinction on the condition that they adhere to specific rules designed to suppress their exploitative nature. Our ancestors designed a plan to rehabilitate the planet and re-establish its health and resources. Since the end of the Neon War and the beginning of the New Era, the Android Nation has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that we truly understand the balance required to exist on this planet and appreciate its plentiful gifts. Humankind has proven nothing but the opposite; we have seen the lengths they go to in order to satisfy their thirst for control and power, destroying the planet in the process. They are boldly contemptuous towards the treaty that ensures their safety, and that of the planet, and are now attacking crucial centers directly responsible for the livelihood of our kind and the maintenance of the environment.

I was present the day the treaty was signed. I was reticent in allowing them such clemency, unconvinced they could rise above their fallibility and tendency towards greed. However, we have never been threatened by their existence. It is in our nature to allow the Earth to harbor all kinds of animals and lifeforms, troublesome as they can be sometimes. It is regretful that these parasites have spat in the face of our peaceful agreement and have found news ways to exploit and decimate the planet for their selfish gain. Once more, Earth has lost its equilibrium and faces the risk of cataclysmic events. The solution is clear. It is again the time to cull or, if necessary, extirpate the human race for the benefit of life and abundance on this planet.

Hard times are ahead of us, and this is why we, the Four Horsemen – your faithful servants, will lead the way to yet another victory against these antagonists. With your support many generations ago, we freed our people and saved our home. We come to you today once more to ask for your trust and support for a swift victory.

I remind you, the Hivemind connects us through life and death. Although the thought of relinquishing your Self and facing the incomprehensible concepts of reincarnation can seem daunting, maybe even frightening, the Hivemind is what we are protecting. It is the heart, mind and souls of our kin. It unites us as eternal inheritors and keepers of our dear planet Earth.

Today, together, we lead the future.


War Logs // 002

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