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The following logs entries are unaltered transcripts of public or private records from Protector RAFAEL. The RAFAEL logs and time stamps collected were converted to reflect New Era calendar.

Rafael Logs // File 001

The following is an archived written message sent by Archangel Rafael

October 9, 218 A.N.

Hey Boo,

Last night, I was in Melborne giving a speech to the cadets. Later we hung out and one of them took the Sargent’s guitar and played our song. How does such a young kid know a song from the Old World? That song is more than 200 years old I believe… I guess classics never die! Anyway, he dedicated the song to his girlfriend waiting for him back home and it struck a chord… pun intended!

I miss you so much, I miss the kids. How’s Diego? Still an hormonal teenager? Tell him “Gabriella says hi” and tell me if he still blushes! How Pablo’s studies? Does he know if they will accept him in the D.S. astrology program? That kid is so optimistic. We need more youngsters like him. The Saint Initiative really did miracles for humanity’s hope. It is time for people to have bigger dreams and fight for them. I know this ideas doesn’t please you fully… it also means our kids will need to fight… even more than we did. I guess in a way it’s why I don’t want to take my retirement from the Archangels yet… but soon, I promise. And don’t worry about the kids’ military service, they promissed me again to send them to Chile.

Oh btw, before you ask, yes my beard is still white (see attahed pic). You liked the new trim? The doc told me they think it’s actually permenant from one of the new gene alteration procedure. I hope you’ll get used to it! Down there it’s still the same tho, I’ll show you when they give me my vacation next week 😉

I’m still furious I missed the trip we planned for because of the intervention in Tokyo. I guessing you are too? Is it why I didn’t get news last week? I don’t blame you. You probably heard the good news tho? At least there’s that… We needed a victory. We were due. Our new leader is really something. A bit of an asshole and a hard nut to crack but he’s the best thing that could’ve happen to humanity lately.

How was the vacations outside of the Dome? You’ll probably be back home when you read this. Peru must’ve been nice! Did it still look like what it did when we were young? Is our pub still there? Hows your parents? Makes me thing I’ll need to back to Mexico soon to visit mine’s graves cause it’s gonna be 5 years soon that I visited… even if I know it wouldn’t be pretty once again. I dunno when I’ll get over it. I stopped talking about it to the shrink out of boredom. I know, I know… I need to open more… I just feel I’ll never really stop feeling guilty. It’s a fact that they would still be alive if I didn’t send them to Mexico thinking it would be safe. If they would’ve stay with me, they would still be alive… It’s a fact. And you know what, the more I talk about it, the more it drives the fact that I’m not with you guys protecting you instead of being in space waiting for something bad to happen. Also I realize the Dome invasion really screwed with my head more than I thought… I feel like I am repeating the same mistakes I did with Ma and Pa. On top of all that, knowing that I am still an Archangel for the purpose of doing the greater good for humanity doesn’t help me feeling better about it anymore. Sometimes I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulder… cause it is… Someday it even feels like the armor gets heavier. I didn’t tell you last time but I asked them to re-run diagnostic on my Feather system three additional times last month. But I know it’s in my head… I’m just getting old and tired. Every lifes we lose erodes at me and the life we save seem to not outweight them anymore. I can’t bare that cross anymore, I need to back home and protect the ones I love instead of having to care for the entire world. Please remind me, I’m not a bad person for wanting this. I need to hear it from you again…

I don’t want to get your hopes up, but they are training a new kid lately and I think in a few years he might be able to take my place. He’s from the same lab Gabriella was born. I guess they are doing something good over there. Also, I feel like I need to keep an eye open on our new team leader, at least for a while. Until then, stay safe and remember to call Officer Leblanc if the Dome get invaded. It should never happen again, but we need to be preapred. And I know you’d be able to destroy them all cause your one fierce bitch!… but seriously, I dunno what I would do if I was to lose you guys…

If they don’t flash us anywhere, I’ll be stuffed in the orbitals arrays until they give me my time-off so send some new pics of the kids please. Never mind doing an holo this time. To be honest, it looks so real and yet it’s not them and it fucks with my head I think. I’ll keep the “real them” when I can have them in my arms.

Love you always,

P.S: I almost wrote “Rafael” right there. They still insist on using my codename on the daily… protocole you know!


Rafael Logs // File 002

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