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The following logs entries are unaltered transcripts of public or private records from Neutralizer GABRIELLA. The GABRIELLA logs and time stamps collected were converted to reflect New Era calendar.

Gabriella Logs // File 001

The following is the transcript of a private conversation between Archangel Gabriella and a Saints Initiative informant

Recorder on March 9, 223 A.N., from 0935 to 0946

Hey [redacted], do you have moment?
Yeah of course! D’you want us to go somewhere more private?
G: I’d like that yes.
I: Here should be good right? What’s up?
G: So… they’re gonna interview me about the event in South Korea… and hum…
I: And you feel responsable for not being there that day?
G: Well, yes I do… but that’s not it. They want me to talk after the “in memoriam” and explain to the public what happened in South Korea and tell them that an event like this in unlikely to ever happen again because new protocoles have been put in place.
I: Yeah, I heard DOD requested that we send Templars there. So they asked you to make the announcement? What’s the problem?
G: The thing is…. I came across some information I should not know and I dunno what to do about it.
I: Like what? … How bad can it be?
G: Look… You’re the only person I trust enough to tell, but you have to do as if you never heard anything…
I: Girl, you told me some intense things about the Saint’s Supergenic labs and I told you about [redacted]. It’s just one more secret we will take to our grave.
G: Right… well… The thing in Seoul, it could have been avoided… They knew about! I learned they didn’t flash us there on purpose because if they did, the Androids would have known we are preparing to take back Juneau… I mean… FUCK! Our responsability is to protect the people and we just sacrificed Seoul… So many died… and we could’ve done something…
I: I mean… wow… it’s… wow… but… but, it’s for the greater good, right? ‘Cause if we get Juneau back we get the nether mines back. They are… they are…
G: They are asking me to lie to the survivors…
I: They are asking you to keep humanity’s hope alive. Listen to me Brielle : you are not only the poster child of the Saints, you are a beacon of hope for humankind. You are one of the strongest and most intelligent soldier there ever was and don’t get me started on how beautiful you are. You are basically a demigoddess and your not even in your mid 20s yet. You are RADIANT! …and I don’t forget the price you had to pay to get these gift… I feel for you : these years in the labs sound horrible… But it got you where you are now and the world loves you for it. They can’t get enough of you… and they count on you to let them know everything is gonna be ok. I mean… I know how things are complex behind the curtains, and you still make me more hopeful just because of your presence. Don’t take this away from us… not now…
G: I… I know… but they deserve the truth. I’ve been controlled my entire life. I’ve been told what to do and what to think my entire life. I’m a full grown woman and I still hardly take decisions for myself. I feel like I always came second. I’ve always told myself that I need to trust the people caring for me, that if I do, I will not astray from the right path. I turned a blind eye every time something didn’t feel right, telling myself I must keep faith in the system. Keep faith that it would always lead to the light. But see where it lead me? Countless deaths… And now I feel like for the first time it’s clear for me what I must do… I have to be honest…
I: Look, I hear what you say, but they are gonna but you in prison!
G: They are gonna put an Archangel in prison a few days before a crucial operation? No, they are not…
I: So you’re really gonna do it? You’re gonna reveal classified information? What are you gonna do when they will lose trust in the goverment and they riot? They cannot know. We need the support of the public, they need to stay calm… and hopeful…
G: … I cannot be the Saints’ puppet anymore. I’ll die to protect humankind, but I’ll do it on my own terms now.
I: So … what are you gonna do?
G: … I have to think…
I: K, well look I have a meeting with [redacted] so call me tonight alright?
G: … Yeah… thanks [redacted] …


Gabriella Logs // File 002

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